The History of Loon Mountain - Terrain Parks

Terrain Parks that scale progressive development from beginner to pro are something that should be staple to any ski/snowboard resort. Skiing was a dying sport in the 90's because it had become stagnant. Thankfully with the help of some revolutionary athletes and the introduction of snowboarding, which brought surf and skate style to the snow, the sport rebounded. Freestyle snowboarding assisted greatly in the development of new technology for both sports which allowed shredders to progress into new territories never fathomed. The youth of today is not content practicing traditional staged techniques used to teach people how to ski a specific style. Style is something that each rider now creates for himself based off both perception of fellow shreds, and available riding environment(s). Parks help us to hone in on our style and provide a consistent safe environment for us to learn, and master the art of our sports. Loon Mountain has one of the best in the business, and I thank them for helping pave the way for new generations. Maybe RCR will smarten up to the future, or better yet, sell to someone who embraces the freestyle aspect of our sports. I mean after all, not everyday is a Pow day, and we can't control the weather.


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