The Runs - "No Solid Hits"

Fernie's number 2 band is at it again, and this time with an album to back up the bullshit. Everyone knows they perform half decent, but recording takes actual skills like playing an instrument consistently, and not making mistakes. Thank goodness a bunch of years ago they recruited the likes of Drummer - Scott Deydey, and banging Basist - Alanna Bamber. Finally a dynamic duo that can sing and dance like the best of them, and with rhythmic talents of hummingbirds the band has never sounded so gawd damn tight. Greg "G$" Barrow and Adam "Al Boring" still hold it down on the front-line with their good looks, and childish antics that amuse even the sternest of no funners. "No Solid Hits" is live for listening on their brand new website, and also available for purchase at all outlets of music providers via the world wide web of internet and stuff. Album was recorded at the legendary Club Shmed Studios in Missoula Montcuky. Land of the free, and home of the brave...

Give it a listen, and hell maybe even a purchase to help support the amazing 12 years that this band has been tearing it up on 1st ave in Fernie. Or go see them live this Saturday at the Royal Hotel and Bar. Show starts at 11, but show up at 10 for drinking games and good ol' fashioned game of spin the bottle.



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