Travis Rice - Eddie's Wall Season 2

Everybody inside or outside the snowboard industry is familiar with the name Travis Rice. Over the years his innovative ideas and collectives with other visionary's have helped steer snowboarding off of the path of extinction, both restoring faith in the sport and it's future. Snowboarding participation has been in steady decline over the past several years with the resurgence of skiing, insane weather patterns, and a mainstream influence turning the sport into some form of aerial gymnastics. Snowboarding's heart feeds off the blood of skateboarding, and surfing, both of which have seen their industries blown out by masses and marketers, but when the smoke cleared, nothing had changed in the minds of the athletes. Brain Farm's films capture the soul of snowboarding, and the artistic style of each rider on his solo journey against the elements. Completing the Trilogy of Brain Farms video saga is "The Fourth Phase". Below is the interview with Travis Rice via Transworld Snowboarding's - Eddie's Wall.


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