Union Binding Company - May the Force be with you. The Trilogy Continues.

Where do we start??? Well shit on day one of Union Binding Company breakdown; lets start with the most tried and tested binding's in the line:

The Union Force & Trilogy.

Before we get into the tech side of things let's make this as easy as possible. If you find yourself staring at a wall of bindings and some cool hipster looking dude jabbering through his thoroughly combed beard whilst hiding a bald spot with a toque that might have previously been owned by a vagabond living behind said shop... Don't Panic! One he might be the vagabond that lives behind the shop disguising himself as a skateboard type, that has no ascertainable knowledge to assist in your mission to obtain a set of foot2board attachers. Two... If he hasn't noticed the confused and concerned look on your face that your slightly overwhelmed. Well then shit my man/woman you just got "cool guy'd".

No need to fret. Just reach your hand out for the binding that looks like the one in the video(s) below and know in your heart of hearts you chose a binding that will not let you down in any stage of your snowboard career (Nor will it break the bank $). Park, pipe, groomers, powder, pist/off-pist, jumps, metal objects, or urban assault (on your snowboard not the type of assault that results in your arrest cause you cut a guy in half with your Capita snowboard (Fact: Capita Super Corp uses a Japanese technique called "tamahagane" aka the art of folding steel to make there edges (Fact 2:  Fact 1 was not an actual fact))). Too many brackets, too many words? Fair enough lets break it down bullet point style:

  • Magnesium Buckles
  • Multi-density Thermoformed EVA Bushing
  • Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcup
  • Stage IV Duraflex ST Baseplate (Mens)
  • Trilogy Duraflex ST Baseplate (Womens)
  • SonicFuse Heel Strap
  • Tool Free adjustments

For more info go here: Force - Trilogy

Or just watch the videos...




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