Valle Nevado - Chile

So this year we put Japan on the hit-list for epic good times with friends shredding. But Chile has been on the bucket list for years due to the ability to experience snow, skate, and surf in a single day. Also who would pass up the opportunity to shralp in a country that has over 6000km of Pacific Ocean Coastline and valleys situated in the midst of both the Andes and the Chilean Coast Range Mountains. A mecca to say the least I will just have to ensure that I brush up on my Espanol. Another location I have frothed over since I was a young buck reading about mountain adventures on the snow-stick is Eastern Europe. Places like Bulgaria and Slovenia have become mega popular as cheaper ski destinations in Europe but more importantly offer amazing terrain as well as incredible cultural opportunities. Where ever the shred takes me after Japan I open my arms wide to the adventure, and the friends along the way. Shred dawg for life.

This article on Transworld Snowboarding was banging and made me excited for new adventures with friends.

Resort Sessions: Valle Nevado, Chile


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