X-Games Bucket Full of Grease

Well its that time of year again when the competition riders buckle up there boot straps and tighten the reigns on their steely edged steads to do battle in Snowmass. The prize??? 1. A pick of a prized litter of pure bread Scottish Fold kittens? A in house gravy fountain made with grandmas finest recipe? A pool filled entirely with Kraft dinner, and Velveeta? 

No... these answers are pure absurdity. These answers are non sense conjured up by what one can only assume is a utter madd man. Or? Are the athletes of this contest the true madd men and women who send trickery to the moon to entertain the Snowmass's in the name of bronze, silver, and gold.

Every year I get jacked up on Mountain Dew, Monster Energy, Red Bull Wing Juice, or whoever the "caffeine n crash" sponsor is slanging sugar juice like popcorn with extra butter. Of course I want extra butter why is it even an option. Nothing goes better with watching snowboarders than a plethora of food choices to drown our sorrows of having not "Made It" in the game. Truth be told those that didn't make it didn't want it enough, and those that did, have a maniacal ability to ignore the voice inside their heads that acts as a sensible fraidy cat.

If you read until till here I thank you, and below you will find a series of videos that blow your face off and replace it with Nicolas Cage's.

Footage courtesy of Freestyle Sports and ESPN.


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