X Games Real Street 2017

The X Games Real series is in my opinion the best thing produced by the media giant each season. Back by popular demand is the Real Street contest for skateboarding. Featuring a plethora of outstanding skateboarders competing head to head for X Games Gold. This contest is sick because of the small filming window forcing athletes to push their limit to produce a short segment of nothing but absolute bangers. The series runs with 6 Different disciplines of sport including Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, BMX, Moto, and Wakeboarding, all airing during different months of the year. May is Skateboard month. The videos are live, and the voting is open, so contribute your choice and help choose the fan favorite. For more action you can tune into the air times for live TV, or hit up X Games on their website for recaps of the events.

My Vote goes out to Chris or Paul, but they all killed it.

Tiago Lemos

Chris Joslin

Na-Kel Smith

Ishod Wair

Neen Williams

Cole Wilson

Paul Hart

Vincent Alvarez


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