is an East Kootenay based Brand that offers exceptional quality gear for the outdoors. We specialize in fashion representing Snow, Skate, and Surf culture, as well as the equipment required to ensure maximum enjoyment. Our staff is comprised of individuals that are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about outdoor adventure. 

 began as paint on a t-shirt in 2002. With strong backgrounds in snowboading, skateboarding, urban art,  and apparel, we have used these opportunities and influences to create the image we represent today. Over the last decade, Commit has taken on many forms and faces, and now rests its roots in the Legendary land of Fernie, British Columbia. With the support of the community and our incredible friends, Commit's used a true "live and learn" mindset to construct the storefront that our customers have come to love and appreciate. The store offers a unique shopping experience that includes incredible staff who offer unsurpassed customer service, and the occasional cold beverage to enjoy as you engage in the sports you love. We actively involve ourselves in community development and are proud to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle offered by the East Kootenays. Mountain culture is where we found our solace, and we love using our time to offer this experience to our customers. No matter what situations you are faced with in life, as long as you "Commit", you will always overcome.

Adam Laurin


I was raised in "Cow Town" Calgary and fortunate to travel to the East Kootenay's in both summer and winter to play and ride. I love art and any sport you can do on a board. I have lived in the Fernie valley for more than a decade and am very proud to call this place home. During my 3rd year in Fernie, I decided to convert a hobby of making clothes into a storefront, and in turn completed my child hood dream of owning a skate shop. Through years of hard work and monumental amounts of help/support from friends and family,  stands strong as one of the most recognized core storefronts in the world of snowboarding. We have won a multitude of awards for our commitments to board sport retail and I love going to work everyday to help others find what they need for their outdoor adventures. Outside the store, I actively participate in all things snowboarding, and spend any extra time I have riding in remote spots around BC. For info on the best spots, or to check on conditions of the infamous powder highway stop by the shop for a cold one. Big thanks to James Bull for helping once again make  relevant on the world wide web. The man is a wizard.

Paul McGrath

Boss Man

Raised in Wales with a worrying fascination for snowboarding and everything involved with it. Skateboarding has always been a huge part of my life. I idolized my older brother and the Wolf Pack he rolled with (when they would let me skate with them...which was never) but my dream of becoming a professional skateboarder was crushed when I realized how hard it was, and how bad I sucked at it. With snowboarding always on my mind, it was inevitable that I would one day move to the mountains and become a ski bum. Fernie was recommended to me, and without hesitation I sold all my crap and I was gone. After my first powder day I was hooked on this mountain because nothing can compare to a Fernie pow day with your buds.