Rob Heule

Nickname - Heule-cules, Bobo, R-bot, Doe-Rag
Instagram - @robhuele
Age - 23
Years Shredding - 21

About - Rob has been absolutely destroying the ski scene since he was a tiny tyke. We met Rob in Calgary pretending to be an undercover police officer at COP. The irony was beyond hysterical. Fernie is where we got to know him, but he was always one of the original tribe members. He has a company called “Rad Packs” made of 100% recycled Denim, and it is an awesome showpiece of his natural creativity.

Sponsors - The North Face, Joystick, Yoke Collection, Full Tilt, TSG, Clif Bar, Fresh

Favourite Products - Rad Packs


Vimeo -