Sandy Ogilvie


Nickname - Anything that includes “sand.” Favourites are Sandals and Sandycrow
Instagram -@sandysogilvie 
Age - 22
Years Shredding - Sentenced to a life of shredding 

About - We met Sandy Beach on a hunting trip deep in the appalachian mountains. A whoomp in the snowpack alerted us that an avalanche was about to put an abrupt end to our trip, and out of the forest we saw a hand-carved canoe blistering towards us. A swift paddle maneuver and some kind of war cry brought the canoe to a halt in front of us, and there, shimmering in a halo of light, was Sandy. He looked at us and said, “crow is only as strong as his weakest feather.” We jumped on board and he paddled us off to his trapper’s cabin, where we feasted on elk and danced under fire wearing the hides of our dinner.

Sponsors - Commit Snow and Skate

Favorite Gear - Commit Clothing