3CS - 5/11 RDS Jacket

Tracing a family's roots can be a daunting task. When it comes to the Red Dragons, the writing of its now iconic logo has been on the wall, literally, since the late 80's. Fired up on teen angst Colin Mckay, Moses Itkonen and brothers Rob Sluggo and Dave Boyce along with the rest of the RDS crew exploded onto the downtown Vancouver streets. RDS maintained underground crew status, achieving momentous notoriety among skate boarding's elite by the time it started showing signs of becoming a brand; this occurred when the first time business venture, a skate shop, opened it's doors in 96 in North Vancouver. Shortly after that a full collection of Red Dragon Apparel was created and distributed through their own distribution company center. This limited 511 release is for the few who choose to adventure far beyond the known realms of the many, the few that challenge what is realistic and acceptable. 


  • 10K/10K Waterproof/Breathability
  • Fully Seam Sealed
  • DWR Coating
  • Side Zip Entry


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