Capita - Spring Break Diamond

Wanna get deep in the gnar gnar on a superstar snowboard that will not only have your back, but will scratch it as well to ensure your maximum satisfaction. Wanna learn more about the brand that is changing the snow game with surf influence for laying out massive cutbacks in bottomless fluff? Spring Break all year long.

Made at the Mothership  where snowboards are produced using the highest standards in both ethical and technical snowboard production.

Surf Rocker Profile

Surf Rocker features continuous arching tip and tail inspired by the modern design of many of today's best surfboards.

Science n Stuff:

  • Superlite Core - The most high tech and buoyant core of all time.
  • Forged Carbon Diamond Packs - High energy, ultra light re-enforcments.
  • Dynaweave Tri-Axle Fiberglass - Increased strength and durability.
  • Wax Infused Enduro Base

Stiff Flex: 6/10


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