Jones - Nomad Pro Skins

Jones Nomad PRO Skins are the ultimate high performance splitboard climbing skin and offer unmatched performance in any snow condition. The blend of 70% Mohair / 30% Synthetic Nylon fibers provides the perfect balance of glide and grip and the fibers have been coated with both EVER DRY Anti-glopping treatment to improve performance in wet snow and GLIDE TECH treatment which helps maintain the glide of the fibers for the lifetime of the skin. Jones Nomad PRO Skins have been laminated with RUBBER SAFER SKIN backing. This rubber layer guarantees the skin will not absorb water and also makes the skins easy to pull apart. Nomad PRO skins are available in two models: Trim-To-Fit with Universal Tail Clip and Pre-Cut with Quick Tension Tail Clip.

Science Stuff:

  • EVER DRY - Prevent's buildup & naturally keep's em dry
  • Grip Tech - A skin that takes care of itself. Dynamic Tension
  • Glide Tech - Keeping it moving no matter the temp or condition.
  • Rubber Safer Skins - No underfoot Soggy won't stick Sally's.
  • 70% Mohair/30% Nylon
  • Specific Sizing for Jones Splits
  • Made In Switzerland

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