Karakoram - Prime Straightline

Karakoram is proud to introduce the PRIME SYSTEM- Splitboarding responsiveness and efficeincy you’ve only dreamed of. The PRIME SYSTEM is a statement of our brand philosophy to never stop improving.

Building on the strengths of our Active Joining Technology utilized in the Split30, the PRIME SYSTEM takes solid board feel to another level with Solid-Ride, quickens change overs with the Power-Link and Tour-Step, and improves touring efficiency with the Flip-Speed Riser with Heel-Lock and Ride-Stride forward lean. Prime Straightline

Science n Stuff:

  • Power Link - Easy and ergonomic connection to Solid-Ride and Heel-Lock
  • Ride Stride Forward Lean - Quick 1/4 turn for ride or walk mode. -8 degrees = Longer Glide
  • Open Binding Chasis - Torsional Flex for Maximized board feel.
  • Carbon Fiber Highback. Feather-weight Performance. Biaxial weave carbon fiber and multi-layer composite layup give optimal combination of stiffness and comfort. Stiff Flex. Flex-Lock compatible
  • Free Flex Lock Included


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