Salomon - Ultimate Ride

He's a real searcher... What's he searching for? The Ride! The Ultimate Ride. Built for all snowboarding environments; Alaska lines to the streets. One-of-a-kind shape designed by Bode Merrill, featuring the best of Salomon’s innovative technologies: Quadralizer sidecuts to enable locked in arching carves to fast aggressive turns, Quad Camber hybrid design, Ghost Carbon Beam providing pop and stability during deep landings, Gunslinger Sidewalls, Ghost Green Core to shed weight, and Area 51 sintered base for lightning speed.

Science Stuff

  • Ghost Green Core
  • Sintered EG Base
  • True Twin
  • All Mountain Edge Bevel
  • Popster Core
  • Area 51 Base (High Density Sintered)
  • Tri-Axle Fiberglass
  • Ghost Carbon Beam Inserts in Tip and Tail
  • Gunslinger Sidewalls w/Full Length Carbon Inlay
  • Quad Camber Aggressive Camber design with Rocker Tip and Tail
  • Quadralizer Sidecut

Flex: Max Response Medium

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