Salomon - W Hologram

Loaded with freestyle specific design features, the Hologram Binding is Bode Merrill’s go-to model in the ShadowFit family. Featuring a Kevlar Quickwire for energy transmission and lateral movement, a lightweight baseplate for a weightless feeling underfoot, and a specially engineered highback for control and stability. Toss in extra comfy straps and the new MP Ratchet for that extra click. This binding is built for a boss.

Science Stuff:

  • Polyamide Composite 45%
  • Micro Max Strap Adjustments
  • Integrated Mounting System/Universal Disc
  • 3D Asym Supreme Ankle Strap
  • Air Bed Dampening
  • Asym Highback
  • Shadowfit Baseplate/Heelcup (Kevlar)
  • Canted Footbed
  • Locked-Up Toestrap

Flex: Maximum Response Medium

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